Manga Watcher X
Our team

The man who was able to restore the source code of the old Manga Watcher 1.1.6, thus giving a second life to the project (the original author stopped development). For the existence of a new hybrid version of Manga Watcher X thank him.
Parsers Developer, Modder, Tester

The first person to completely understand without documentation the structure of parsers and began to develop new ones. Many time asked author to continue development (and successfully. See Manga Watcher 2.0).
After stopping the development of the application by original author (end of 2015 year) actively supported the "life of application" by releasing own modifications.
Currently responsible for the parsers repository and work with the community.
Main tester

Began testing test builds of Manga Watcher before starting development of version 2.0. He showed him from best side. At the time of development of version 3.0.0 became the main tester for the team. Thanks a lot for that.