Manga Watcher X
F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions)
Q: Manga Watcher Team!? Who are you? Where is the original developer!?
A: The original developer has stopped development of Manga Watcher and, judging from the available information, he is not going to continue.
     We - the team of enthusiasts, who have revived and continued to develop application under the new name - Manga Watcher X.

Q: Did you have permission for that?
A: The original developer has repeatedly reported that he is not against any modifications of Manga Watcher. ;)

Q: Previously, the app was free. Why here paid "extensions"?
A: Any development takes energy, time and money. Manga Watcher with his "modular structure" requires constant attention to code and needs
    frequent updates. Therefore, our team is beginning to take financial support, and to provide for it some sort of "bonuses". They include: no
    ads and access to an expanded list of manga and comics. But application is free and does not limit own functionality without the financial
    support from your side.

Q: And why I can not log into my old account in the application?
A: At the beginning of 2016, the server that supports many features of the application has been disconnected. Therefore
     old accounts has been deleted and can not be restored. You need to create a new account.

Q: Where to get the manga for read?
A: Manga or comics should be added from the sites that are on the menu Catalogues.

Q: I open Catalogues menu, and here's empty -_-
A: You need add parsers for websites. They are in repository of parsers (inside Catalogues menu). Add needed sites and after that, the site will
     appear in the Catalogues menu and from there you can easily add a manga/comic books to the library.

Q: I didn't found needed manga in catalogue. But found on site. What I need to do?
A: Open the Catalogues menu - More - Add from link. In the text box to enter the link to the manga/comics and click Add. You need to have
     installed parser for site from which you want add manga/comics.

Q: When you open a catalog he's not downloading/downloading only part of it.
A: This problem may occur when the server is overloaded or unavailable. You will see a pop-up
    message about the impossibility to download catalog. Also, the catalog can not be loaded because the old parser. If the catalog does not
    downloading more than a few days - remove the parser from the application and add it again from repository.