Manga Watcher X
Extended Repository
First method:
Purchasing "Activation app"
First method:
Pay using virtual money
1. Buy application "MTG: Multi Counter"
2.Launch MTG: Multi Counter and open the settings. See the activation button. Follow the instructions (2 steps). In field "email" enter your email from your MWX account!
3. Restart Manga Watcher X (if it was started)
4. Enjoy the extended repository
* The activator can then be deleted
** If there are problems with activation - you can fill out the form by the link:

1.Donate to the developer in the total amount of at least 2.49 $/5.3E-5 using one of payment methods from list bellow:
BTC: 1EKybiwsZb6EuXiWuSzBiwQS9kQbzmVrjk
WMX BTC: X880674842782
2. Fill in the form by clicking on the button (you can fill in several times if the donations were less than the specified threshold for the bonus issue):
3. If you have accumulated a donation in the total amount for the right amount to issue a bonus, then expect an answer about successful activation (no more than a day) to your email. Be sure to sign in/create an account in the MWX application using the email specified in the form.
You can support the development of new parsers (read "configs for sites support"), and get supporting older ones by providing financial support for the project. After providing financial support by buying application from this section, depositors are entitled to bonus in the form of a full access to all parsers from the repository.

By providing financial support you are helping us to develop the app, as well as agree with the fact that money does not get the original author but people from the new team of developers which is responsible for the repository and parsers.

Be sure to first use parsers from limited repo in the app and familiarize with it functionality. After providing financial support, you automatically agree what you are familiar with its functionality. Technical assistance may be provided only on the part of the repository and parsers from the extended repository branch.

P.S. Parsers developer does not guarantee "lifetime" support. Financial support in 99% cases - only one-time, and working on parsers - constant. Author will work on parsers until it will be financial support from users.

E-Mail for feedback: