Manga Watcher X
Disable ADS
1. Buy application "Calculator"
2. After installation - run it once with the Internet
3. A few hours later (>3) relaunch Manga Watcher X to create unlock key.
4. Enjoy reading without ads

* Activator can be removed when ads will be fully disabled. MWX will tell you when.
You can support the development of app by providing financial support for the project. After providing financial support by buying application from this section, depositors are entitled to bonus in the form of disabling ads in the app.

By providing financial support you are helping us to develop the app, as well as agree with the fact that money does not get the original author, but people from the new team.

Be sure to first run the app and familiarize with its functionality. After providing financial support, you automatically agree what you are familiar with the app and its functionality. Technical assistance may be provided only on the part of the application.

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